BetterCacher API


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You can use our API under CC BY-NC-SA.

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single query

Just replace 'GCCODE' with the gccode of the cache you want to query.
Archived geocaches are outputted.

multiple queries

Replace 'GCTEST,GCTEST2,GCTEST3' with the gccodes of the caches you want to query.
Attention: Do not enter spaces.
Archived geocaches are outputted.,GCTEST2,GCTEST3

queries with coordinates

Replace with the coordinates and the distance of the caches you want to query.
Separate with a comma, like '52.000000,9.000000,50'.
If you don't enter a distance, we will use 100km as distance.
Archived geocaches are NOT outputted.,9.000000,50


You will get a similar output:

"geocaches": [
"name":"TEST CACHE",
"logs": [
"user": "janole 174",
"text": "This geocache is really something special."
"user": "Lady Allista",
"text": "I love this cache."
"add":"2019-01-15 12:00:00",
"name":"TEST CACHE 2",
"logs": [
"user": "example user",
"text": "This geocache is very nice."
"state":"United States",
"add":"2021-06-01 12:00:00",




variable classification
id BetterCacher ID of the cache
name cache-name
lat latitude
lng longitude
type cache type like traditional, multi, unknown, earthcache, wherigo, virtual, letter
difficulty the difficulty of the cache; like 1, 1_5, 2, ...
terrain the terrain of the cache; like 1, 1_5, 2, ...
size size of the cache like micro, small, regular, large, other, v (virtual)
gccode gc-code of the cache
logs contains log information
user username of the user
text text of the log
platform platform where the cache is listed; or
country country in which the cache is hidden
state state in which the cache is hidden
add date and time at which the cache was added
parel if the cache is a parel in the netherlands (=nl) or a jewel in belgium (=bl)
status geocache status. Active = 0, archived = 1. Only outputted for the single and multiple query.

any questions?

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