BetterCacher API


terms of use

You can use our API under CC BY-NC-SA.

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For exceptions you can contact us.


You can find the API at:
With Forum text:​api.php/GCCODE
Without forum text:​api-extension.php/GCCODE
Replace 'GCCODE' with the gc-code of the cache you want to query.


You will get a similar output:

"name":"TEST CACHE",
"forumsubject":"GCTEST - Cache Name (Cache Art)",
"tstadd":"2019-01-15 12:00:00",



variable classification
id BetterCacher ID of the cache
name cache-name
lat latitude
lng longitude
type cache type like traditional, multi, unknown, earthcache, wherigo, virtual, letter
difficulty the difficulty of the cache; like 1, 1_5, 2, ...
terrain the terrain of the cache; like 1, 1_5, 2, ...
size size of the cache like micro, small, regular, large, other, v (virtual)
gccode gc-code of the cache
forumid BetterCacher forum id of the cache
forumsubject Title of the post in the forum
forumtext text of the post in the forum
In the BBCode format
platform platform where the cache is listed; or
res1 country in which the cache is hidden
res2 state in which the cache is hidden
tstadd date and time at which the cache was added
vbm verified by member status; 0 for not verified and 1 for verified
vbm_user only if vbm is verified; team member who verified the cache
parel if the cache is a parel in the netherlands (=nl) or a jewel in belgium (=bl)

any questions?

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